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Elderberry & Chaga Immune Syrup

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Lala Earth

Elderberry & Chaga Immune Syrup

$ 32.00

A simple immune boosting syrup made with organic elderberries. Elderberries have been a traditional folk remedy in North America for centuries because they are incredibly rich in antioxidants and are excellent at supporting the body's immune function. 

I also include an abundance of chaga mushroom. Chaga is found in the forest on birch trees and is one of my favorite herbal allies. Chaga literally contains the life force of trees and provides the body with potent nutrition that nourishes the whole body.

The addition of warming spices is both delicious & supportive in this lovely fall/winter tonic.

All organic: Spring water, wild elderberries, chaga mushroom, hibiscus, raw local wildflower honey, raw apple cider vinegar, ginger, cinnamon & cloves

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1-3tsp per day for prevention during the fall/winter months. When feeling under the weather you can take elderberry syrup every couple of hours throughout the day. Also great to use in oatmeal or on top of pancakes!

*This listing is for one 8 ounce glass bottle with screw cap. PLEASE KEEP REFRIGERATED. Product will last at least 4 months in the fridge.


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