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Green Tea + Sea Buckthorn Repair Cream

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Lala Earth

Green Tea + Sea Buckthorn Repair Cream

$ 8.00

This cream is made with nourishing herbal infused oils made from wildcrafted/organic plants. It is incredibly hydrating without being heavy and doesn’t leave the skin looking or feeling oily. The high antioxidant content makes this a great general protector for all skin types - whether it be acne prone, aging or sensitive skin. 

The addition of tamanu & sea buckthorn oils add incredible skin healing properties that help repair damaged skin cells and heal/prevent acne.

INGREDIENTS (all organic/wild):  jojoba oil of: calendula, comfrey, dandelion flowers & rose, coconut oil, rosehip oil, tamanu oil, sea buckthorn oil, green tea, rose geranium hydrosol, aloe, local beeswax, fermented radish root, vitamin E & essential oils of rose, cardamom + frankincense

*All face creams have about a 6-9 month shelf life.  Please do NOT stock up on jars because they could spoil. I make this cream regularly so it’s never unavailable for long. Store in a dark place and always use clean, dry fingers when removing the cream from the jar. 

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