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Belly & Baby Herbal Oil

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Lala Earth

Belly & Baby Herbal Oil

$ 28.00

Inspired by my own growing belly & future little one, I wanted to create an incredibly nourishing oil that would soothe mama & baby.

I used organic cold-pressed grape seed oil & organic cold-pressed apricot oil because they are two of the best oils for baby's sensitive skin. I DOUBLE infused the oil (this means I steeped them with the herbs, strained them, and steeped the same oil in more herbs - creating a super potent yet gentle blend) with organic calendula flowers, organic marshmallow leaf & homegrown lavender flowers.

I finished the formula with some sea buckthorn oil. These herbs are known for nourishing dry skin, helping keep rashes at bay, soothe baby before bedtime, and take away that itchy skin that tends to happen as the belly grows.  Of course, this oil isn't strictly for mamas and babies. Anyone looking for a nourishing and hydrating oil free of essential oils and packed with whole plant medicine will enjoy this blend!

all organic: grapeseed & apricot oil double infused with calendula, marshmallow leaf, homegrown lavender & sea buckthorn oil 

 *Comes in a reusable 2oz glass bottle with pump top

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