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Clear Skin Serum

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Lala Earth

Clear Skin Serum

$ 40.00

I wanted to create an acne serum that was part all-over-face serum and part spot treatment. This is gentle enough to use over the entire face (except near the eyes), but potent enough to use just on troubled spots & acne prone areas. I like to apply a thin layer before I apply my typical face serum or face cream.  

This formula contains nourishing rosehip & jojoba oil infused with willow bark, which is known for containing salicylic acid - a BHA that is used in many acne protocols for its ability to clear pores, remove excess dead skin cells, and stimulate new cell formation. 

Black cumin seed CO2 is another big component of this serum. Not only is it an excellent source of Vitamin B (which helps the skin retain moisture), its antioxidant properties promote elasticity & protects the skin from damaging free radicals. It is also known for fighting bacteria that causes acne & its high zinc content helps clear clogged pores & balance oily skin. 

I also infused a generous amount of milk thistle seeds, calendula flowers, horsetail & burdock root for their antioxidant benefits, ability to heal & nourish dry skin, clear congestion, to minimize the appearance of large pores, improve skin texture while being moisturizing, and for a variety of bioflavonoids.  

This serum can be used to calm inflammation, bring down redness, speed the recovery time of existing acne, and help clear congestion to prevent future breakouts.  

All organic / wild: rosehip & jojoba oil infused with willow bark, milk thistle seeds, calendula flowers, horsetail & burdock root, black cumin co2, calendula co2 + essential oils of helichrysum, carrot seed, blue chamomile & thyme linalool //

Directions: apply all over face before moisturizing, or just over acne prone areas. Avoid eyes.

*I highly suggest using the sea buckthorn face serum to cleanse your face (simply massage one or two pumps into the skin, and remove with a warm wash cloth). Follow with my balance face toner, the clear skin serum, and finish with one more pump of sea buckthorn face serum to moisturize.

**Comes in a 1oz reusable glass bottle with dropper. Keep in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. 

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