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Peace & Calm Glycerite

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Lala Earth

Peace & Calm Glycerite

$ 15.00

I originally formulated this blend for children, but the truth is, adults can take it too! This is a glycerite so it is alcohol-free. This formula supports the nervous system, lessens anxiety, and can help with insomnia. It is extremely gentle and can also be a nice support during the postpartum period. 

 This formula tastes delicious and can be taken directly, or in water/juice. 

All organic/wild: chamomile flowers, milky oat tops, catnip & skullcap + glycerin + distilled water

Dosage - 

Children: take 3 drops for every 5lbs of body weight (ex: 20lbs = 12 drops) up to 4x/day

Adults : take 1-2 droppers up to 4x/day 

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