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Botanical Mint Ghee Lip Balm

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Lala Earth

Botanical Mint Ghee Lip Balm

$ 8.00

I took my rosemary + peppermint lip balm and changed it up for the holiday season! 

I infused jojoba oil, coconut oil and Grassfed ghee with garden-grown mint and lots of comfrey. Comfrey is known to knit skin back together (even bone) making this a fast healing & nourishing lip balm. The peppermint is refreshing while floral blue tansy and earthy cypress/frankincense make this balm complex and dynamic. A small amount of vanilla bean adds a touch of sweetness. 

INGREDIENTS // All organic: comfrey and mint infused jojoba oil, coconut oil, and Grassfed ghee + squalene oil derived from olives, local beeswax, vanilla bean and essential oils of peppermint, cypress, frankincense + blue tansy

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