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Earl Grey Lip Butter

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Lala Earth

Earl Grey Lip Butter

$ 12.00

This is one of my favorite lip products I have ever made. It is sweet from the local raw honey, earthy from the black tea, and bright from the bergamot. The only way to enjoy it more is to wear it while sipping earl grey tea ;) 

I used a blend of organic almond, coconut + castor oil which gives this lip butter an incredible texture. The use of the honey makes it deliciously sweet and helps it stay put even longer... that is, if you don't lick it off!

all organic: almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, raw local wildflower honey, black tea leaves, local beeswax + bergamot essential oil 

∆ This listing is for one 1/4oz glass pot (and it lasts an extremely long time!) 

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