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Hawthorn Berry Syrup

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Lala Earth

Hawthorn Berry Syrup

$ 30.00

Hawthorn berries have an affinity for the heart, helping to strengthen, protect + nourish. The regular use of hawthorn has been known to strengthen blood vessels, lower cholesterol, aid in digestion, and can help restore the heart muscle wall. Hawthorn also contains an extremely high level of antioxidants, helping the body to rid itself of free radicals that cause damage + aging in the body.

In addition to the physical, hawthorn can bring healing to the energetic heart, especially in times of grief. The addition of rose further uplifts + soothes the spirit. This syrup is a wonderful companion to have around when your heart needs a little extra love & care.

This product is limited edition, and we will only be making one batch per year! 

All organic/wild: spring water, local honey, fresh wild hawthorn berries, damiana, rose petals, homegrown hibiscus flowers, and hawthorn berry infused brandy

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1-3 tsp per day for general heart health and well being. When your heart needs a little extra love and uplifting, take up to a whole shot! Can be used as a food and taken in tea, on oatmeal, in smoothies - whatever you like!


* WARNING: If you are taking heart medication, please consult your doctor. Hawthorn may increase the effects of cardiac drugs.

** This listing is for one 8 ounce glass bottle with screw cap. Product will last at least 3-4 months in the fridge.

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