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Ghee & Honey lip balm

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Lala Earth

Ghee & Honey lip balm

$ 8.00

This is the definition of a nourishing lip balm.  Made with grassfed ghee for its high antioxidant and fatty acid content, this lip balm locks in moisture and stays put a long time. I infused the ghee, coconut oil and jojoba oil with vanilla beans for a hint of sweetness, while still capturing the simple nutty and caramel notes of the clarified butter & coconut oil. Sea buckthorn oil is also added for it's high antioxidant properties and skin nourishing vitamin c.  

* This lip balm is so gentle that in a pinch it can even be used on dried cracked skin such as hands, elbows or nose

All organic: grass-fed ghee, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, local beeswax, local honey & vanilla bean. 

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