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Golden Egg Balm

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Lala Earth

Golden Egg Balm

$ 80.00

Our chickens free range for most of their food and are supplemented with fermented grain, sourdough discard and organic fruit and veggie scraps.

It takes about 120 of our egg yolks to get just 4oz of egg oil. After the hard boiled egg yolks are separated from the whites, they are dehydrated, powdered, tinctured, and evaporated. What is left is the precious oil of egg. 

Benefits of egg oil: 

- highly nutritive to the skin & rich in omega 3 & 6 (Interestingly enough, the fatty acid profile is very similar to human breast milk)

- it is incredibly effective on burns and is known for healing wounds quicker & more effectively 

- hydrates on a cellular level while providing free radical protection and powerful antioxidants

- Provides a youthful glow by delivering essential cholesterol. This high quality cholesterol helps heal dry & damaged skin. It penetrates quickly and leaves you feeling supple without feeling oily. 

- perfect for preventing fine lines & wrinkles due to it's ability to minimize collagen damage from sun exposure

- helps reduce brown spots & hyperpigmentation

I blend our egg oil with raspberry seed CO2, prickly pear oil, calendula CO2 & chamomile CO2 for further anti-inflammatory benefits. The resulting combination is great for dry skin, acne, eczema & sun damage. 

I carefully used a small amount of essential oils to further enhance this nourishing blend.

contains all organic: egg yolk oil from our very own hens, raspberry seed CO2, prickly pear seed oil, calendula CO2, chamomile CO2, local beeswax + essential oils of helichrysum, rose, cypress & lavender

to use: with clean fingers, apply a small amount of balm to your face. The warmth from your body will immediately melt the balm and it will absorb incredibly quickly into your skin. Use as often as needed! 

* comes in a 1/2oz glass jar

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