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Lala Earth

Healing Lead - A parent’s guide to healing lead in your child & your home

$ 12.95

*This is a 23 page PDF that will be sent to your e-mail immediately following purchase*

First of all, breathe. You are probably snagging this guide because your child has elevated lead levels. I’ve been through this – twice – and I have learned a lot in the process. In my quest to restore both of my children’s health, I longed for something that holistically guided me through this stressful time. Every source of information that I found was fragmented and lacking. I wanted something that could teach me about what to do - not just cleaning, or testing, or nutrition, or supplements, or parenting, but about all of it - the whole picture under one umbrella. I hope this guide can be this for you.

I would love to help prevent you from weeding through information that is full of worst case scenarios and paranoia. Yes, lead is dangerous. Of course we don’t want any lead in the body. But I am not going to fill this guide with things that will scare you. I want to empower you. This is fixable and your child can heal. You will feel safe in your home again.


In this guide you will learn:

- more about our story and experience with lead in our own home

-the biggest culprits and risk factors

-lead paint encapsulation and remediation techniques

- helpful cleaning practices

- healing foods to incorporate and general diet plan to block lead absorption

- tips for picky eaters

-meal + snack ideas

- supportive supplements for natural chelation

- a lead protection action plan

- helpful links to start you on your journey. 


**If this guide is out of your price range, please contact me. I'd love to help.**


***The information contained in this guide should not be taken as a substitute for professional consultation.  I am neither a physician nor am I providing medical advice.  The information provided is based on my experience and it is designed to be supportive.  Do not base health care, medical, toxicological and remediation decisions on this information but contact experienced health care, medical (certified occupational/environmental health) physicians with specialties in lead.  You should consult with your local, State and Federal agencies/organizations and health care professionals to insure you are doing what is best for your family and your specific situation.  These could include town or city Board of Health/Health Department, State Department of Health, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. ***

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