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Lala Earth

Nettle & Seaweed Gomasio // Nutritive Salt

$ 12.00

My favorite herbal tonics are the ones that I find easy to use every single day. This herbal gomasio sits on my kitchen table, and I find myself putting a pinch or two on just about everything that I eat.This blend is salty (yet not as salty as straight up salt!) & deliciously nutty.

∆ milk thistle seeds are an incredibly potent liver tonic which helps cleanse, detox + promote general well-being

∆ kelp + dulse are two of my favorite seaweeds and they provide an abundance of trace minerals that are typically missing from most people's diets. Seaweed also helps protect + heal the thyroid

∆ wild spring nettles are PACKED with vitamins and minerals - there are honestly so many benefits to nettles, and it would be impossible to list them all here!

∆ sesame seeds are rich in copper, manganese + calcium & are a delicious nutty compliment to the ground milk thistle seeds

To use: sprinkle on anything savory or if you feel your dish needs a boost in nutrition. My favorite way to use this salt is on avocado, in salads, eggs, and on roasted vegetables.

contains all organic/wild: milk thistle seeds, sesame seeds, wild spring nettles, kelp, dulse + sea salt



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