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Herbal Tick Spray

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Lala Earth

Herbal Tick Spray

$ 30.00
Stephen Harrod Buhner is a knowledgeable herbalist who is perhaps most known for his work with lyme disease and other co-infections passed on by ticks. This product is based off a tick spray recipe that he shares with the public. He believes it is as effective as deet in repelling all tick species (it also works for mosquitos).
I am currently offering a small batch of this bug spray in my shop. If you're interested in making this recipe yourself, you can find it in my herbal tick guide for this week only. I will say, it is a bit pricey because it contains a LOT of essential oils. Buying all the ingredients is an investment but I imagine would last a very long time.
There is one herbalist that I know of that sells this formula. For reference, they charge $40 for 2oz. While I understand that price based off the cost of the oils, I am not comfortable with it. I'm currently offering it for as low as I possibly can, but I may have to increase the price of the next batch. 
all organic: grain alcohol and essential oils of ledum groenlandicum, tagetes minuta, chamaecyparis nootkatensi, artemisia absinthium, juniperus virginia, eucalyptus citriodora & origanum majorana
to use: spray on clothes during tick season, especially on shoes and pants. I personally spray it on my body too, as I don't find myself sensitive to the oils. Do a patch test on a small part of your body to make sure your body likes it. 
* comes in a 2oz glass bottle with sprayer top


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