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Lala Earth

Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate

$ 32.00
Is there anything better than an immune boosting hot chocolate elixir? Organic raw & roasted cacao is blended with 12 medicinal mushrooms, providing over 2,000mg of mushroom power per cup of hot chocolate! The mushroom blend is not simply "powdered mushrooms" - the mycelium and fruiting body are steam activated (which is then dehydrated into a powder). What does this mean? It means that most mushroom powders, unless cooked for a long time, will not be bioavailable to our body because of the very strong cellular walls. By steaming first, the cell walls are broken down and now available for our bodies to use.

I also added astragalus root for its immune boosting effects, as well as ashwagandha to support the adrenal glands and help the body process and reduce stress.

To use: Simply heat up 8oz of your favorite milk (my favorite is homemade almond milk or raw goat's milk) and whisk in 2-3 tsp of the hot chocolate mixture. Add sweetener to taste (maple syrup or honey is my personal favorite)

* This blend does not contain any sugar. I want you to be able to sweeten it yourself because we all have different preferences. I also wanted to create a concentrated blend that lasts awhile, instead of filling it with sugar.

* This listing is for one, 8oz container. Contains 18+ servings! If you want to add marshmallows to your order, please make sure to select the correct option in the drop-down menu. 

hot chocolate contains all organic: raw cacao, roasted cacao, medicinal mushrooms of: reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion's mane, turkey tail, mesima, maitake, shiitake, blazei, poria, agarikon, and oyster mushroom, astragalus root, ashwagandha root, ground vanilla bean, himalayan pink salt

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