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Lymphatic Breast Butter

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Lala Earth

Lymphatic Breast Butter

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This is by far one of my most luxurious Lala Earth products. I make this breast butter with lymphatic-moving herbs and healing oils. While I call this a breast butter, you can actually massage any body part that is in need of lymphatic drainage or feels congested (especially the neck and shoulders). However, I will use this moment to encourage all people with breasts to regularly massage them. It’s important to know how your breasts feel and this practice can help you determine if there are any changes. Breast skin is incredibly thin & absorbent which allows the infused oils to penetrate easily. This has become one of my most sacred and loved self care practices. This butter is NOT for those that are NURSING due to the small amounts of essential oil that could be ingested by baby. 

This breast butter provides:

- nourishment to the breast tissue and skin
-  increase of lymphatic flow
- healing and prevention of cysts

INGREDIENTS: all organic/wild: organic olive oil infused with cleavers, red clover, dandelion flowers, violet, calendula, chamomile, lavender & yarrow, cocoa butter, shea butter & essential oils of cypress, geranium, rosemary & lemon

A little goes a long way! For external use only.

*This listing is for one 2oz glass jar 

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