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Lala Earth

Lymphatic Breast Butter

$ 30.00

By far one of my most luxurious Lala Earth products. This breast butter is made with lymphatic moving infused oils made at peak summer. While I call this a breast butter, you can actually massage any body part that is needing relief from stagnation (especially the neck and shoulders) However, I will use this moment to encourage all women to regularly massage their breasts, especially if they wear an underwire bra. Breast skin is incredibly thin & absorbent, allowing the infused oils to penetrate easily. This has become one of my most sacred and loved self care practices. This butter is NOT for PREGNANT or NURSING MAMAS.

This breast butter provides:

∆ nourishment to the breast tissue and skin
∆ increase of lymphatic flow
∆ healing and prevention of cysts

INGREDIENTS: all organic/wild: organic olive oil infused with cleavers, red clover, dandelion flowers, violet, calendula, and yarrow,  cocoa butter, shea butter & essential oils of cypress, geranium, lavender, blue yarrow, rosemary & lemon

SUGGESTED USE: Massage breasts daily, giving special attention to the underwire line and the armpit areas. A little goes a long way! For external use only.

∆ This listing is for one 2oz glass jar

>> DISCLAIMER: While I am a certified community herbalist, I am not a medical doctor. Please understand that I am not attempting to diagnose or treat major medical conditions. Be smart and exercise common sense when using herbs; be extra cautious if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, giving herbs to children, taking pharmaceutical medications, or dealing with a major health issue. Consult your health care professional if you have concerns about serious medical conditions or interactions with any medications you are presently taking. <<

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