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Lymphatic Breast Oil

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Lala Earth

Lymphatic Breast Oil

$ 30.00

I created this concentrated lymphatic-moving breast oil with the abundance of spring plants growing around me. One of my most popular products, my lymphatic breast butter, does not hold up to the summer heat.  This product is even more concentrated and lasts longer. All of the herbs used in this formula are meant to move stagnant lymph, nourish the breast tissue & skin, and help heal and prevents cysts.  

I will also use this moment to encourage all women to regularly massage their breasts, especially if they wear an underwire bra. Breast skin is incredibly thin & absorbent, which allows these potent infused oils to penetrate easily. This has become one of my most sacred and loved self-care practices. This oil is NOT for PREGNANT or NURSING MAMAS.

All organic // wild: jojoba & olive oil infused with cleavers, violet, dandelion, red clover, yarrow & yellow dock root, evening primrose oil + essential oils of cypress, rosemary, geranium & eucalyptus 

to use: massage daily into breast tissue and surrounding areas. Feel free to use this as lymphatic body massage oil!

*Comes in a 2oz clear glass bottle with pump

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