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Medicinal Mushroom Nutritive Salt

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Lala Earth

Medicinal Mushroom Nutritive Salt

$ 16.00

A super potent, medicinal salt blend that boosts the nutritional potency of your food. Sea salt is mixed with 12 medicinal mushrooms and savory herbs such as parsley, garlic & onion. Sprinkle on top all savory dishes that need a little extra something. I love adding it on top of salads, avocado, roasted veggies, eggs, etc.

Ingredients- medicinal mushrooms of: reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion's mane, turkey tail, mesima, maitake, shiitake, blazei, poria, agarikon, and oyster mushroom, sea salt, parsley, onion & garlic  

* the mushrooms are steam activated before they are dehydrated and ground into a powder so that the nutrients are bioavailable. 

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