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Lala Earth

Moontime Balm

$ 18.00

I formulated this salve because I wanted to create something that specifically targeted menstrual cramps, along with the general aches, pains + bloating that can unfortunately come along with our moontime (this includes PMS symptoms) As someone who has painful menstrual cramps myself, I knew that if I could create something that helped me, then it would help others.

It all started many months ago when I was sipping on a strong decoction of cramp bark that I had the idea to infuse the herbs I love to take internally into an oil. I combined pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxing herbs and allowed it to steep in organic olive oil for 6 weeks. I then used heat to slowly extract even further for two weeks. Once strained, I mixed it with local beeswax and essential oils specifically targeted to reduce tension, aches and pains.

All organic/wild ingredients: Infused organic olive oil of cramp bark, black hawe, ginger root, cinnamon, arnica flowers, catnip, motherwort, nettle + raspberry leaf, local beeswax & essential oils of geranium, chamomile, clary sage, lavender, rosemary, spearmint + ginger

To use: Simply rub this salve all over your abdomen + lower back. I like to apply it before my cramps arrive to stop them from happening. I find that this salve is even more effective when applied right before using a hot water bottle on the area. The heat drives the oils deep into your skin and allows them to work even more effectively.

* do not use during pregnancy 

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