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Relief Herbal Icy Hot Balm

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Lala Earth

Relief Herbal Icy Hot Balm

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This is my version of an herbal "icy-hot" balm. The base of this salve is st. john's wort which is known to soothe tension in the muscles and nerves. I then infused it with cayenne + ginger to create a relaxing warming effect that penetrates deep and provides lasting relief to muscle + joint pain due to overuse and arthritis. Arnica flowers were also added for their pain relieving properties. White pine needles offer further warming and pain-relieving qualities. In addition, I used menthol crystals & peppermint essential oil for a cooling effect that balances out the heat and provides further pain relief and relaxation to the area.*

All organic: infused olive oil of: st. john's wort, cayenne pepper, arnica flowers, white pine needles & ginger, local beeswax, menthol crystals + peppermint + fir tips essential oil

* PLEASE WASH HANDS AFTER APPLYING. Do not use near eyes or mucous membranes .

** This listing is for a 1oz or 2oz salve in a metal tin

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