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Lala Earth

Roots & Mushrooms Morning Brew

$ 30.00

Root down and wake up with this earthy morning brew.  Roasted chicory root, roasted dandelion root, and milk thistle seeds support the liver and the digestive system.  They helps breakdown and metabolize fats by mildly increasing bile production.  Chicory & dandelion root also contain inulin, which is a soluble fiber that is beneficial for digestive flora, which helps build immunity.

For further immune boosting I added astragalus root, lion's mane mushroom and turkey tail mushroom.  Turkey tail mushroom has a high antioxidant content, helps increase energy levels, and is known for being a pain reliever.  Lion's mane mushroom is a powerful adaptogen that soothes the nerves and helps improve memory and cognitive function.*

*This blend is virtually caffeine free, except for the small amount present in the cacao.  

All organic / wild: roasted chicory root, roasted dandelion root, cacao, lion's mane mushroom, turkey tail mushroom, astragalus root, milk thistle seeds & vanilla bean

To use: Warm 8oz of the milk of your choice on the stove (or water with a generous splash of organic cream) & whisk in 2-3 tsp of morning brew blend. Add maple syrup or sweetener of choice! 

* Comes in an 8oz tin  

 DO NOT USE WHILE PREGNANT UNLESS YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST (Chicory has been known to cause uterine contractions in high doses) 

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