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Lala Earth

Cradle Cap oil

$ 18.00

I made this oil to help heal my baby's cradle cap, and I am happy to report it is extremely effective! Most people suggest using vegetable oils such as olive oil on baby's head, but that actually feeds the yeast that causes the condition. Squalene (which is derived from olives) is actually not a fat or oil, although it does and acts like one. However it does not feed the yeast that causes cradle cap. 

 I mixed the squalene with a little bit of jojoba oil that was potently infused with nourishing & anti-microbial herbs. These herbs are incredibly gentle and safe for baby.

All organic ingredients: squalene (derived from olives) + jojoba oil infused with plantain, red clover, calendula & chamomile

To use: Simply massage on baby's scalp and let sit for 10-30 minutes. Then use a cradle cap brush (I love the one from Safety 1st), and use the exfoliator side to massage baby's head and loosen the scales. Then use the comb edge to comb everything out and remove it from baby's head. Follow with a gentle shampoo and repeat in a few days if necessary. 

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